Who Are This Year’s Lowest Paid DJs? (See the full list)


Forbes Magazine recently reported on the “Electronic Cash Kings” of 2014 and the results—to many—were jaw dropping. That guy who throws cakes all the time netted $23 million, while that guy who eats cakes all the time netted $22 million. David Guetta? $30 million. Calvin Harris? A whopping $66 million. And here I thought all those $60 tickets and headlining slots were just going to charity. As a curious consumer, I was keen to learn what life was like for DJs on the other end of the spectrum.

This year’s lowest paid DJs are:

10. Retail and Restaurant DJs

1If you’ve ever been to a Guess, Cactus Club, Abercrombie, or TOPSHOP you’ve likely grooved along with number 10 on our list; the capitalist dogs on top of the local DJ shit list. Retail and restaurant DJs will often (but not always) be an off-duty store employee that totally has a residency and a Traktor S2. Playing one to four times a month and netting $250 to $500 per shift, what they lack in credibility they make up for in store credit.

9. Wedding DJs

2Wedding DJs came close to the top this year, citing the ’90s generation as the reason for both their continued success and hatred of their jobs. Compared to Calvin Harris’ $300k per Vegas gig, wedding DJs took a more humble $500 to $750 per gig between Q1 and Q4 this fiscal year. We reached out to a prominent wedding DJ and he was eager to tell us that he “got a bridesmaid’s number” in 2013, though she did not end up texting him back.

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2014 Forbes Highest Paid DJs List: Electronic Cash Kings 2014


If there’s one list we can’t wait to read every year, it’s the Forbes Highest Paid DJs list (aka the “Electronic Cash Kings”). Not really, but there’s always some kind of reassurance that “hey, those DJs who headline every festival worldwide really are making the money we assume they are.” The 2014 list doesn’t differ too greatly from the 2013 “Cash Kings,” although DJ Pauly D(your girl’s favorite DJ) did not return.

Calvin Harris tops the list for a second year in a row (although he earned $20 million more than he did in 2013), with David Guetta beating out Tiesto for second place. Avicii and Tiesto actually tied, as did Armin van Buuren and Steve Angello. The rest of the list is pretty much the same, although Hardwell and Zedd make appearances this year (which make sense, considering the success of Zedd’s “Clarity” and all of the touring Hardwell did in 2013, especially after his #1 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs placement). There aren’t any real surprises, though. Check out the full list below.

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Strange Fruit – SUMMER HIGH (Original Mix) [Wülfpack]



 Strange Fruit – Summer High (Original Mix) [Wulfpack]

Strange Fruit is a name that soon won’t need an introduction. This Los Angeles based DJ duo is up to some serious music making. Strange Fruit have only one aim – to produce music that comes straight from the heart and settles in hearts of others. Drawing the essence out of Deep, Tech and House music, Strange Fruit creates a genre of its own, crafting each track to tell a genuine story.”

“In the middle of summer season there’s nothing more soothing than a fresh and crispy tune to underline the beauty of this time of the year. With its addicting vocal samples and deep uplifting beat, Summer High brings all of the good memories back for us to savor once again. Guitar riffs near the end of the track add a speck of nostalgia to it – a reminder to love every passing minute”


Strange Fruit- SUMMER HIGH (Original Mix)

Strange Fruit- SUMMER HIGH (Original Mix)






Artist: Strange Fruit 
Genre: Deep House/House/Tech 
Album: Summer High (Original Mix) 
Label: Wulfpack 
Catalog # WULF005

What to Do If You Spill Beer or Booze on Your Mixer, Laptop, or Controller


We all know the horror of spilling beer or some other liquid on our beloved DJ gear. Chances are that at one time or another, you or a friend has had the unthinkable happen at a gig or a party. Fear not, though—it doesn’t always have to be the end of the world. Knowing what to do and acting quickly can save your precious equipment—and possibly some disappointment and money. Here’s how to do DJ-gear damage control when disaster strikes.



It’s the end of a night, you’ve been playing for several hours, maybe knocked back a beer or two yourself. You take your eye off the ball for a second and disaster strikes! A drink is  splashed all over your gear, pouring into all every opening—between the jog-wheels and into faders, or all over your laptop’s keyboard. When this happens, you don’t have a second to waste if you want to save your stuff from a watery death.


If you’re a “show must go on” kind of performer, then by all means, find some other method of keeping the set going—but that’s not what this story is about. Quite the contrary, we are in “forget about the music” mode now and trying to rescue your gear. The first things you need to do are:

1. Pull out your power cables and battery (in the case of a laptop)unplug-power


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The Ten Most Shazamed Tracks In Ibiza 2014

ibiza anthems shazam 1

The Ten Most Shazamed Tracks In Ibiza 2014

Shazam has come out with the preliminary results of the ‘Most Shazamed Tracks in Ibiza’ after the first month of Ibiza 2014. 

10. Patrick Topping ‘Forget’ * [#6]

One of the hottest new additions to the Hot Creations stable dropped a track in April that may be his biggest yet. This has Ibiza ringing to it from beginning to end. We thought it be a bit higher, but making the list is an achievement in itself.


9. GusGus ‘Crossfade’ (Maceo Plex Remix) * [#3]
Another epic hit from the man who keeps taking his interpretation of house music to unprecedented levels. This one is sweeping Ibiza as well as the rest of the world.


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Tragedy Strikes at Mad Decent Block Party: 1 Dead, 1 Critical, 20 Hospitalized

Tragedy Strikes at Mad Decent Block Party: 1 Dead, 1 Critical, 20 Hospitalized

Tragedy Strikes at Mad Decent Block Party: 1 Dead, 1 Critical, 20 Hospitalized

CBSlocal.com, among many other local new outlets in our nation’s capital, have reported one man dead, and another teenager in critical condition, following the all day “block party” that took place at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. The Mad Decent Block Party made its third stop of its 2014 campaign in Columbia, Maryland yesterday, and featured a slew of popular electronic music talent including: Cashmere Cat, Dillon Francis, Flux Pavilion, Wolfgang Gartner, and of course Diplo.

Tyler Fox Viscardi, 20, of Raleigh, N.C., was taken to a local hospital just after 9 P.M. Friday, Howard County Police say. He was pronounced dead a short time later. According to officials, his death appeared to be drug-related, however, an official determination is yet to be made on what drugs were actually in Mr. Viscardi’s system at the time.

In total, 20 people were hospitalized following the block party festivities-many believed to be drug related- and one 17 year old boy from Woodbridge, VA remains in critical condition, officials say.

During the event, police also issued 50 citations for under-age drinking and made 3 arrests. Those arrests included: an assault on a police officer, domestic assault, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

As Mad Decent Block Party continues along on its 22 stop tour across the nation, we can only hope that similar incidents like this do not happen again. Stay tuned as more information should be released on the Washington D.C. incident in the coming days.

SOURCE: CBSlocal.com


Strange Fruit – “Easy Lee” (EP) and 4 Exclusive Remixes

Strange Fruit - Easy Lee

Strange Fruit – Easy Lee EP

“From its first sounds ‘Easy Lee’ EP envelopes you in its magical atmosphere of deliciously good strangeness. If you like fresh sounds, carefully thought out beats and mesmerizing vocals then that piece of fruit is cut out just for you. Let it take over and introduce you to something completely new and remarkable. Easy Lee is the essence of deep, it’s the sound of a distant planet, a planet called House Music

Strange Fruit - Easy Lee





Strange Fruit – “Easy Lee” (EP)

Artist: Strange Fruit 
Genre: Deep House/House/Minimal Techno 
Album: Strange Fruit EP 
Label: Counterfeit Fun Records 
Catalog # CFR108

from Counterfeit Fun Records © Copyright 2014

re:love summer park series

 re:love summer park series

re:love summer park series

re:love summer park series • season 3

July 27th • celebrating the birthday of Steve Loria in the park.

re:love is a demonstration of the positive energy created
when music, dance & dynamic social interaction are in harmony.

re:love park events are always free

We welcome you to dance & frolic with us once a month atop of a hill at Angels Point – surrounded by the natural beauty of LA’s Elysian Park. Enjoy sweeping views of LA while local re:love selectors and monthly guests take you on a deep musical journey throughout the afternoon into the sunset …

This months selections by:

Steve Loria
(Bday closing set)


Alex Castillo
(Jam On It Prod.)



Bret Wallace

along with Henrik Zavala on live saxophone


re:love events have always been and always will be free to the los angeles community. But we are gladly accepting donations, and 100% of the donations are put towards the costs of throwing these events. If you would like to support our cause you can donate via paypal.You can contribute to the following via the following link:

In order to maximize the vibe, please be very selective to who you invite, and only invite your close personal friends and family to join us in the festivities….

This is our 3rd season of re:love and we take pride in those re:lovers who contribute to our pursuit of always leaving the park CLEANER than when we arrived… Please pick up after yourself, and keep your beverages in plastic cups.


connect / like:






Strange Fruit‘s Salvage residency returns this Sunday for another Sunday night weekly. 

Music starts at 9pm, as always its FREE and it’s a great fairly priced place to round out your weekend. 
Metro in, UBER out (7th and Metro is 100ft away). 
Providing Deep, Tech, Nu Disco & House Music All night!

>>>Did we mention an outside PATIO ???<<<<

***Bret Wallace***
(re:love, GFY Records)

***Strange Fruit***
(CFR Records, Divine Techno, Liquid Soul)

(F.A.M.I.LY, re:love)

FREE COVER 9pm-Closing
Salvage | Bar & Lounge

Sponsored by Counterfeit Fun Records

Before you arrive at Salvage | Bar & Lounge this Sunday, stop by the airliner bar!
RSVP Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/508330422601661

 we:love sundays w/ lee reynolds, josh billings, dougal, and bret wallace

we:love sundays w/ lee reynolds, josh billings, dougal, and bret wallace




Most people are under the misconception that popular artists suddenly ‘blow up’. It seems these instantly famous talents come out of nowhere, magically propelled into superstardom by the sheer viral nature of their music.  This is a total myth.  Most of today’s biggest DJ’s have either been pursuing their craft for MANY years or they’ve transitioned from another career as a different artist. We’ve rounded up a fat list of famous DJ’s with incredible past lives. No matter what you do in life, if you are discouraged by your lack of success, let this be your inspiration to never give up and never stay the same! Roll forth…..


By now you know Skrillex was in a semi-famous screamo band ‘From First To Last’. He eventually split from the band, went solo and played some harsh techno vibes before going full Bro Step. Watch below as a baby Skrillex sings a sweet lullabye, tells the crowd how to experience dance music and plays for 30 people.

Download Skrillex’s new album HERE! YoungSkrillex_1Sonnymoore_Skrillex_FantasyBro_1


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